History of SeaLife Creations
Being a native of Manitowoc County for 30+ years, we have built a relationship with this fine community....enough to create unique images for apparel which people can wear and feel a connection to Manitowoc and feel close to home.  Whether you are a current resident of Manitowoc or were born and raised here but moved away, it is always warming to come back to your roots.  Many of you will always think of Manitowoc as "HOME".  Even those of you who have moved to the area in more recent years enjoy sharing your newfound love of Manitowoc with family and friends.

When the holidays arrive, or when celebrating birthdays, anniversaries or other occasions, it's great to share that pride and a bit of Manitowoc, WI and its unique history.  We wanted to capture many of Manitowoc's most memorable features.  We started our business in 2007 as a way to give people an opportunity to share these memories and their sense of community pride with others.

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